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  1. I think it would be great if CC could shred files via right-click. Like File Shredder. It would be very, very useful.
  2. False. I had Kaspersky Internet Security, but it was giving me alerts on every module, dll file, internet connection that games and programs were trying to load, so I deleted it. Now I use BitDefender Total Security and I like it very much, especially the Gamer Mode command.
  3. OK. Thanks for the replies. Will leave it working all night and will report here.
  4. On my PC the scanning stopped at 48%. I waited 10 minutes and was still at 48%. I quit the software, but my PC still sounded like it is being defragmenting. I tried to restart it via Windows (XP), but no luck. I had to press the reset button on my PC.
  5. It seems like I am not able to choose different languages from the "Options" menu. I installed the software in English, and I wanted to check if everything works. The only language that is shown in the options is English. Is this bug or is the software made that way?
  6. Would it be possible to include the beginner's guide in next versions? It would greatly help new people wondering about Recuva. As always, help files are greatly appreciated. By the way, thanks for the program, it is really cool.
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