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  1. Thanks much for the explanation. Back in the character-based days, I had a program that gave the user those options. I suspect it would be beneficial to show the user what is taking place. I think the overhead in doing so would be minimal. It is frustrating not to see what is going on, especially as I have waited too many times for an endless loop to complete.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or designed behavior, but I am certainly curious. I was testing Defraggler on a secondary drive where I've used 37 out of 120 GB. I ran D and it showed 978 fragmented files. I ran another product that showed the same number and defragged with it as it is faster. I went back to D and it showed 0 fragmented files, but then attempts to defrag the drive. I checked to see if defragging free space was a default behavior and it doesn't appear to be the case. I cannot think of any other reason that I would see file names continue to display in Defraggler as if it is working. Any insight would be appreciated. Ron
  3. Did not find references to dial-a-fix permission tool on first search. Please disregard post. ================ Perhaps my issue is that I am running Windows 2K. CCleaner finds 110 registry entries with issues. When I try to fix the selected entries, they appear to get deleted, but if I run the utility again, they are still there. I am running Zone Alarm FW, AVG antivirus, and cannot figure this one out. I suspect this may be due to some other program, but any help I can get would be appreciated. Thanks. ============= More info: I have admin rights and I did check permissions. I checked and cannot delete keys in regedit or regedt32, so the problem is not CCleaner. Is anyone aware of other ways registry access/editing is denied?
  4. Just wondered if there is any solution to the 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE blue screen I get after reboot after first time use of CCleaner under WIN2K Professional. FYI, I have gone through all the MS recommendations. Used repair console, chkdsk/r, etc. I can see drive data via Bart PE, but cannot boot into Windows. I'm a little sick to my stomach after dealing with this for 6 hours or so.
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