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  1. Nope. I had an old version of ad-aware which I hadn't used in years. Deleting it changed nothing.


    Solved: my firefox app data folder had 9,999 files (named cookies[1-9999].txt). I deleted them, and now it's working fine. I don't know what created this files, but a bug in somebody's program i suspect.


    My mistake, ie was saving my cookies -- i hadn't checked properly.


    Glad this is cleared up!


    Thanks for your support, it's appreciated,



  2. Ever since my first run of CCleaner, cookies are not being saved in mozilla firefox after it closes. I checked to see all settings were enabled and they seem fine, reinstalled the browser, but everything seems the same. I uninstalled CCleaner and they were still being deleted. It's not on auto run.


    thanks for your help,



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