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  1. Solved: my firefox app data folder had 9,999 files (named cookies[1-9999].txt). I deleted them, and now it's working fine. I don't know what created this files, but a bug in somebody's program i suspect. My mistake, ie was saving my cookies -- i hadn't checked properly. Glad this is cleared up! Thanks for your support, it's appreciated, gecko
  2. Nope. I had an old version of ad-aware which I hadn't used in years. Deleting it changed nothing.
  3. yeah that's what i was thinking. I have AVG Free and Kerio 2.1 PF, disabling them doesn't make a difference. Hrmm.. thanks for your help
  4. yeah, add-n-edit cookies. I removed it and the problem persists. It is the same in internet explorer too i discovered.
  5. unticked... very strange, it could be some other application but it started right when i installed this.
  6. There are none in either column , i've tried disabling all that in CCleaner so i dont know what i can do really.
  7. Ever since my first run of CCleaner, cookies are not being saved in mozilla firefox after it closes. I checked to see all settings were enabled and they seem fine, reinstalled the browser, but everything seems the same. I uninstalled CCleaner and they were still being deleted. It's not on auto run. thanks for your help, gecko
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