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  1. Unfortunately, the manual cache cleaning is the only solution for me personally because of the following: 1. I need to run CCleaner in an automated/unattended fashion. Currently I set up a Windows scheduled task that is executed every night on all my PCs. 2. I need to keep all the FireFox browser windows open without interruption at all times as I have lots of work tied to the tabs in the windows that I don't want to close. The FireFox tabs feature is what really caused me to switch browser as I can have many tabs accessible without cluttering the desktop. Closing the browser windows means I will lose all my work. Thx for the tmp workaround but unfortunately it doesn't help in my situation.
  2. I tried the temporary solution on my WinXP Prof. w/ SP2 and 'clean' several times with FireFox 1.0.2 still running and it does not work--blank Yahoo mail page (make sure you are inside the Yahoo mailbox). The only *sure* workaround is to go into FireFox Options->Privacy and manually clear the cache. Then the Yahoo mail page reappear properly. Pretty annoying--as I use FireFox extensively now on all my PC's. Hope the fix comes out real soon.
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