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  1. Thanks a lot! (And your first post was not even "kind of" harsh if judged by what is seen elsewhere, in forums, on the web.)
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear! I don't see a box labelled "MS Office" to uncheck - which MS box/es are significant? Just want to follow your suggestion - you know better than I, for sure! Thanks for being there.
  3. I don't see a box for MS Office - we use it regularly and don't need problems. Could you be more specific? Thanks!
  4. Yes, "Autocomplete, etc." not checked! Thanks again Didn't know what this meant and was put off by "Loose saved password" warning.
  5. My wife called Geico and got a quote way, way above what we pay for, believe me, fine coverage. When she said, "No thanks," the agent got all huffy and said, "Oh well, if you're only interested in saving money." And hung up!
  6. This may be "The Lounge" but rridgely and CaPman are not lounging! Springing to help the helpless within minutes! We know the answers to our problems are there before us - but only the choosen have the keys. I saw your fast replies but only now able to do the fix. Thanks a lot you two - you are a HOT team. Problem solved and a brain/mind happy (Any reason CC doesn't have this option since it takes out history? Just wondering.)
  7. Any way to delete all those old searches that come up when entering first letters of search on Google, Yahoo. Just entering a letter or two can bring up a whole bunch of old crap. CC doesn't touch it - perhaps there's a way. Sharper mind than mine needed!
  8. Thanks Tarun!!! You solved my problem. "Close all browser windows and THEN run CCleaner." Open their eyes and the blind shall see! Now - how are the brainless made to think? Thanks again!
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