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  1. Sygate Personal Firewall gets my vote for sure no trouble at all.
  2. Grimdoc

    IE 7 pics!

    no. don't use it! Firefox from Mozilla is so much better. -much more relaxing to use, more user-friendly, and no "worm-holes". use it. spread it. it's free
  3. 64mb isn't that much. the first time i ran it, it cleaned about 1 gigabyte! -old temp downloadfiles, cookies, and everything else. don't worry, this program is the best, it won't delete anything you need
  4. Look fantastic:) Someone mentioned that they wanted the Issues icon changed, well I like it, and don't want it changed, use that time to fix bugs instead Thanks for this free (VERY useful) program
  5. Removed posted. Thanks, Moderatoring Team
  6. I tried to find out what could make CC better, so i took a look around on my harddisk to see if anything was taking up unnecessary space.. I found: .gb1 - a backupfile for the games you make with GameMaker (it should be deleted when the game is finished) .dmp & .txt - files in the *\World of Warcraft\Errors\ folder taking up space (might be needed if your WoW is crashing. not else) .log or .txt - files in the *\UnrealTournament\Logs\ folder also taking up space don't know if this is an idiotic post or what. but these things do take up unnecessary space maybe ev
  7. When I have used issue scanning, and cleaned up the listed stuff, and I hit the 'scan for issues' button again, it sometimes finds one or two files that weren't cleaned up (or maybe weren't one the first scan) :\ why is this? do windows create useless files so fast, or is it that the scanner leaves something out on the first scan?
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