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  1. Ok, I feel like an idiot. I have a ff shortcut in my quick start on my desktop. Well... I typed in "firefox" at start>run and lo and behold, it opens with a blank page, like I told it to. So I look at the shortcut and somehow it got changed (or added) and it is now a shortcut to www.CCleaner.com/download. I have no idea how that got there. I look at all the other shortcut icons that are hidden and there's my normal ff quickstart icon. STRIKES HEAD AGAINST WALL THanks for your help.
  2. THanks guys, but those suggestions did not fix the problem. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a session restore, FF wasn't prompting me, my homepage is set to blank. There's something in the registry or somewhere that got set by this program, not sure under what conditions, and this is getting really irritating. It's like Windows is controlling this, not FF.
  3. Homepage will point to the right page, open FIrefox, get the CCleaner download page. Any ideas as to what may have happened? Looked through about:config, could not see anything that points to this startpage hijack. If this is horked, anyone know a fix? If this is not a bug and a "feature" of CCleaner, it's kinda s***ty. TIA
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