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  1. My C:\ drive was almost filled up with 218 GB out of 223 GB used out. I ran WinDirStat and found out that I had 192 GB of temporary files. The cause was a DVD burner software which lefts tens of 4.3 GB ISO images temporary files around. (I think the program crashed while it was doing a 27 DVD multi drive backup.) Anyway, I used CCleaner (latest version 1.36.430), and it cleaned up all the temporary files great plus some other stuff, and now I only have 23 GB used instead of 218 GB used. But I noticed in the summary it said that it only cleared like 14 GB of files, and the size it reported for the files didn't match what WinDirStat and Windows Explorer said. For instance, C:\DOCUME~1\Alex\LOCALS~1\Temp\NMS102.tmp 270.1MB In Windows Explorer this was 4.3 GB file. Is there a known issue with this? This is on Windows XP SP2. Thanks, -Alex
  2. Free Extensions * Adblock Plus - block ads * Adblock Filterset.G Updater - auto updated list of ads to block with AddBlock * CustomizeGoogle 0.50 - essential for google, options to protects your privacy, can make helpful changes to the interface, remove the ads, etc. * FlashGot - downloader, I use it with Free Internet Downloader * Image Zoom 0.2.6 - zoom images * InfoLister 0.9e - gives helpful report of your extensions, themes, and plugins installed * Linkification 1.2.4 - linkify's plain text URLs * McAfee SiteAdvisor 23.0 - service which flags websites known to spam you if you register with them or have spyware infested downloads. * MR Tech Local Install 5.2 - some customizations ot the extension page * NoScript - blocks javascript. you can selectively allow javascript for the sites you trust by clicking the status bar * openselectedlinks 2006.01.14 - adds some menu items to open a bunch of selected links at once in tabs * SearchPluginHacks 0.1.3 - hm.. forgot what this was.. * Unwrap Text 0.3.1 - hm.. forgot what this was.. * VideoDownloader 1.0 - awesome, let's you download all those youtube, yahoo and google videos directly to your desktop, plugin has been steadily rising in the top10 list. Web Development Extensions --- I won't bother explaining these; If you're a web developer, you know these! * Console? 0.3.5 * DOM Inspector * Html Validator * Java Console 6.0 * JavaScript Debugger 0.9.87 * Modify Headers 0.5.1 * Tamper Data 0.98 * View formatted source * Web Developer 1.0.2 Commerical Extensions * AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox 6.7.4 - essential password/identity manager, fills forms, etc. commerical but nothing close to it. * Surfulater Integration 1.5.3 - good software to store web clippings, i like it better than free scrapbook extentions, it only cost me $15. (costs more now.)
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