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  1. oh no, no more trash and dust...! so those days in MS-DOS era are gone for good, when real cleaning was possible... (?)
  2. well, this has been quite an item... is it really the only way to clean trash from MFT to format the disk; and does that even do the job...I know, cleaning is not the main point in Recuva, but finding something important to recover from loads of cryptic names is quite a job...
  3. okay, this is clear. but my opinion is, that it is much easier to find and recover files when there are only few to find rather 10000... it is philosofic, but if I delete things, I don't need their nametags anymore...why would I ???
  4. well, this delete does not work - after deleting files and rescanning, they are still there. it would be so nice to clean that trash away for good. basicly, quick cleaning of "FAT" would be the best... (?)
  5. Hey, and thanks for this usefull program. With cclean this makes a handy pair. some good suggestions dealing deleting files has been already made, here some more: cleaning the scan-list easy. since the scan finds on my c-drive about 4000 files to "recover" (good and poor, all shapes and sizes...) and I gladly would like to get rid of them once and for all, so please add a "knop" to clean the list (= delete the files for good), if it is possible. It should have 2 levels: 1:st just cleans the FAT (file alloc. table) (faster, for not-so-confidential data), and only if you want, 2:ly "clean" free disk space by overwriting it with "something nice" (takes much more time). after that it would be a real pleasure to find those important files to recover in the future. (needs this cleaning on regulas basis, of course) of course, there should be "select all", and single ticks too. with best regards, hankala
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