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  1. Would it be possible in the future to make each Piriform program install in one single folder in the start menu rather than having each program install in it's own folder? What I mean is when I open up the start menu could whatever Piriform programs I installed be in subfolders in one easy to find folder called Piriform? Right now when each program is installed they're installed in their separate folders. I just thought it would be easier to find, not to mention making the start menu smaller, by doing this. I hope you take my suggestion into future consideration. Thanks. Currently: Start Menu > CCleaner Start Menu > Defraggler Start Menu > Recuva Start Menu > Speccy Consideration: Start Menu > Piriform > CCleaner ... > Defraggler ... > Recuva ... > Speccy
  2. Any chance of an option that lets CCleaner snap to the edge of the screen similar to what winamp does? I'm sort of ocd when it comes to the positioning of my windows and thought it probably wouldn't be a hard option to implement.
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