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  1. Naturally it will not clean those items that are not checked. If you check my screen shots you will see that those items you mention have been checked.
  2. Yes I have CCleaner set to delete cookies. So what is your point? I know a cookie from a temporary internet file. When I go to internet options/browsing history/settings/view files I can clearly see the remaining temp internet files that CCleaner failed to clean. I completely fail to understand how your "explanation" attempts to skip right past the fact that after running the new version of CCleaner on three different computers that my computers remember me and do not require me to re-log back into certain websites. If I use Windows to delete browsing history instead of CCleaner I
  3. Browser is IE7 v7.0.5730.13 same as when CCleaner was working properly. Attached is screenshot after running CCleaner. Note that it cleaned only 6 temp internet files. I looked at temp Internet files immediately after cleaning and there were 84 left over that were not cleaned. After cleaning I was able to access my home page, eBay account, Google, and others that should have required me to log in again. Before updating CCleaner to latest version I always had to re-log into websites after cleaning. Now I do not because cleaning is incomplete.
  4. Screen shot attached. For security matters I have blacked out my last name. Note that temporary internet files are checked. Also note that none were cleaned. Do not tell me that it is my computer. Again, this is happening on three different computers. This is a major bug that needs fixing immediately.
  5. I installed version 2.17.853 on three computers all of which are running Win XP Pro SP3. This version does not clean temporary internet files. After running CCleaner I am able to access eBay, my home page, and any other site that requires logging in without logging in first. If I use Windows to delete browsing history I again need to log into these sites because temp internet files were deleted. But CCleaner does not remove these files as I am able to access these sites without the requirement that I re-log back in. I notice this behavior on all three computers.
  6. I fixed the problem. I used the registry cleaner in Clarity Utilities to permanently remove these registry entries. For some reason CCleaner is incapable of doing this.
  7. I have two computers running Win XP Home SP2. I recently uninstalled Winzip. I have run CCleaner registry clean up numerous times on each computer. Everytime it finds the same issues with Winzip. I remove the registry entries. But th enext time I run CCleaner they are there again - on both computers. What can I do to permanently delete these registry entries. Screenshot here http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j179/rwinegar/Winzip.jpg Thanks
  8. I just now discovered that my Outlook calendar has been wiped clean. All my appointments and reminders have been deleted. I do not understand why Outlook is even an option in CCleaner. The conventional wisdom has always been to avoid cleaner and registry repair programs because, in general, they do more harm than good. I guess I learned the hard way. I am restoring a hard drive image created just prior to installing and running CCleaner. This will restore what CCleaner wrecked. I am also uninstalling CCleaner.
  9. Are you telling me that CCleaner will reset ALL settings back to default for ALL selected programs? I don't think there is a single program in my computer that is set at default. Nor most other peoples for that matter. I did notice that many target paths were changed, WMP for example and DVD Shrink. If that is the purpose of this program, to remove all a users customizations, changed preferences, and options, it does more harm than good.
  10. OK. I've unchecked the Office box. But if it is necesary to uncheck the box to fix the problem, one would have to wonder why the box is there. If the program can't be fixed to not reset Office settings, maybe the box should be removed.
  11. I installed CCleaner on two computers running Win XP SP2. One computer is running MS Office 2000. The other is running Office 2003. In both Word is set to blue screen with white letters and rulers are unchecked in View. After running CCleaner the screen is reset to white with black letters and rulers are checked in View. This occurs in both computers. Each time I run CCleaner I need to open Word in both computers and uncheck rulers in View and change the screen back to blue. I think this is a serious bug that needs to be fixed. Kinds makes me wonder what else might be changed that I
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