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  1. I use CC on 4 different computers. An XP box, win2000 and 2 winME boxes. I try to run it after every online session and just after all reboots. When I do not run it everyday it slows up like any cleaning program. The more it has to clean the slower. Try running it after a session and always after a reboot. If the speed picks up your OK. If not run all the spyware programs you have ie: Spybot, Ad-Ware SE w/all free plug-ins. If you are clean uninstall it and reinstall it. Hope this helps you Later Bill
  2. On any java type page if you runn CCleaner and do not reboot it will wipe out the forrmating, I do this all the time to kill flashing adds. Try these links for the cleanest, fastest yahoo , google http://wap.oa.yahoo.com/raw?dp=mail http://bookmarks.yahoo.com/config/set_bookmark http://www.google.com/palm http://wap.switchboard.com/xhtml/index.asp
  3. OOPs I left Out " ITs False" Run Clean Crap once a day atleast. Later Bill
  4. So Does Trendmicro,s UK Housecall even though it is not listed in their data base!! Later Bill
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