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  1. When you compact files you are either missing files or not compacting properly. I tested using a program called Speedyfox from Crystalidea (download here - http://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox ). Run CCleaner compact, then run Speedfox. You will also see that even after CCleaner compact Speedfox finds even more space to compact. SpeedyFox tells you all the filenames that it is compacting but I cannot tell what CCleaner is doing. This appears to be true with Thunderbird also.
  2. After you do an "Analyze" and the "View Files" comes up -- Wen you click on a file it should highlight the entire row, not just the filename, so you can see the folder easily. I only want to pick and choose based on which folder it is in.
  3. Currently items are deleted in entirety. I would like to let some items hang around a little longer. A delete with a setting of "older than x days" would be nice !! thx
  4. I agree 100%. Even looking in Recycle as one thread suggests it won't be there. Somebody has to get the bugs out of this program for good because there are too many "recover deleted file " utilities out there to bother with this when you can't find that critical file you need. thx
  5. It's annoying to have to subsribe ?? Get real pal. You are running Freeware !!! One of the reasons for having to subscribe is because Anonymous postings can be anything !!! Have you ever been in a Forum and seen porno posted ?? Sign up and Love It !!
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