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  1. WOWOWOWOWO THE SOLUTION WOWOWOWO *************************************** Sorry, i'm happy THE Problem is.....LINKOPTIMIZER also know as GROMOZON Search for this virus and you can find a lot of solutions. In Italian this link http://forum.zeusnews.com/viewtopic.php?t=...sc&start=30 or look for Trojan.Linkoptimizer.B in Symantec. A good manual solution for remove this "problem" Tanks to everybody! smack
  2. Avg antispyware found nothing.....sigh!!
  3. About HiJackThis I've the some problem too! I try to start the program and explorer (ie desktop) will restart. I'm thinking about a virus or a dialer even if neither Avast (local) or PandAntivirus (web) found anything. A friend's of mine tell me that IE rel. 7 is corrupt. He suggest me to remove and reinstall IE because the problem is probably due to the interconnection among Internet Explorer and Explorer. Any suggestion? Do you know a really good antidialer removal program? In the meantime I' will try with Asquared antivirus and Firefox browser.
  4. No, it find all site and when I just click on one of this, IE will close. It is just the world "CCleaner" that make windows crashing. So if select the icon on the desktop, as soon as the path tag appear, windows close!
  5. I've no words.... In every place I wirte "CCleaner" that application will close! I try to search CCleaner in Google? IE will close! I try to unistall? Just click on "CCleaner" an every thing will close. No virus, no spyware, no about anything. Can you help me?
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