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  1. Just thought I'd let you know, 2.24.1010 is working perfectly with fx 3.6b1pre. Thank you for you help
  2. Hi DennisD. Please don't misconstrue my previous comment, it was not made as a criticism. I'm just trying to get to the heart of the problem and I very much appreciate your help.
  3. Hi DennisD. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that's incorrect. To ensure my previous assumptions regarding the problem being firefox version specific, I just created a new profile using a zipped build of firefox 3.5.2, in the same directory structure as my firefox 3.6 and 3.7 profiles. After launching the browser and creating a history, I used CCleaner and it worked correctly. I then tried the process on a new firefox 3.6 profile and it didn't. Please don't forget, CCleaner has no problem finding the profile for 3.6 as it quite happily cleans everything but the history. Thanks again.
  4. Ok, from what I can see Ccleaner works fine with firefox 3.5.2, aside from the information displayed after a clean, which is missing the History item. Basically it clears what it's asked to clear. It doesn't, however, work completely, with firefox 3.6x or 3.7x. It clears some things but not history. I hope that helps.
  5. Hi, thanks again for the update. I too see the same information displayed in Ccleaner, which in my case, is almost correct. The check box is ticked for Internet History but following a clean there is no indication that the history has been cleaned. This is exactly what happens on my machine and has been happening for a while now. Since yesterday, I have run Ccleaner several times but I still have three days of history available in the browser. I have purposely let the history grow so that I may observer Ccleaner's behaviour. I'll do some further tests in a VM, using standard firefox builds, both the installable and zip variety. I'll also use the installer and zip builds of Ccleaner as I prefer the zip build.
  6. Hi DennisD, thanks for the reply. I'm actually referring to browsing (Internet) history, not the location bar. In Ccleaner/Applications I have all the check boxes ticked, apart from form history. When I run Ccleaner, it detects fx and purges the cache, cookies and download history correctly, however, it leaves the 'Internet History' untouched. The only way I can remove this data currently is by using the fx internal clean option. If it helps, my profile is not in the default location and I don't use the installer builds; but as I said, Ccleaner is working correctly for other data. Thanks
  7. Hi, unfortunately build 999 still does not clear history on firefox 3.6.
  8. Hi, I've been using CCleaner for quite some time and never had any issues, but with the last two builds (including 2.23.993) I've noticed that it has stopped cleaning the history if firefox. This may simply be a by product of my installation, but I'd like to make sure. I'm currently using the Nightly zipped builds of firefox 3.6a2pre (Namoroka) with Ccleaner 2.23.993. Ccleaner identifies firefox and the option to clear history is ticked. It seems to clear the cache, cookies etc. successfully, just not history. Thank you for any help.
  9. I seem to be having a problem using the secure delete feature of CCleaner. If I select this option with either 1, 3 or 7 passes CCleaner fails with an unknown error. Normal file deletion seems to work. I installed CCleaner on a fresh install of XP SP2 + hotfixes. I have also tried removing CCleaner, cleaning the registry and reinstalling, with the same result. Any ideas? Thanks
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