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  1. Look guys -cough- ladies, cosy chat it's becoming, yeah. But I'm not looking for a light version of Vista, if that's what nVista is? I just notice that when I do a -say- 500kB update, that my Vista grows by about triple that, or more. From XP I know that ?$ wants to keep all downloads, install-files and uninstall-files of each and every update for eternity embedded in my OS. For reasons mentioned I don't (and no, I don't like incremental backups. Too much risk, too much complication) It's like driving my car around with every mechanic that ever worked on it in the backseats or
  2. Isn't this ridiculous Strange thing, I've been googling many times about it, but seem to be the only person having an issue with it Those GB's one time... well, ok?. But in each and very backup (disk-image), grrrr...
  3. I'm used making disk-images as a backupmethod. After each update from MS, the image grows fatter. so... No doubt all the update-downloads and uninstall possibilities are kept somewhere. Like in XP: All those C:\Win\$UnInstallKB??????$ folders and C:\WINDOWS\$hf_mig$\KB?????? files. After a short time those may well be deleted. I want to clean this out! Vista is on a laptop, so no quick putting in an extra HD like in my desktop. The OS has doubled in size by now, without my installing much apps. If anyone can find where this garbage is, it should be the waste-disposal people
  4. I noticed that Java updates leave a trail of old crap. Periodically I uninstall and delete all. Than re-install. An idea for CCleaner? Casey
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