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  1. I have CCleaner v2.05.555 set to delete the temporary files after 48 hours and notiiced that it doesn't do this. I have files that are a few days old there (JPG, FLV, EXE, DOC) that haven't been accessed and haven't been deleted.
  2. CCleaner seems to now be deleting all the files in the TEMP folder on my "server" running Windows XP Professional. Not sure what happened but everything is working as it should. My Windows XP Professional server rebooted after downloading and installing the critical updates and when I checked the TEMP folder, all the files with the exception of the new files were now deleted (even the ones that I mentioned were previously not deleted).
  3. Thanks. I was aware of this "fix" but since I needed/wanted/liked the 48 hour rule, I decided not to use it. The reason for my not using this is if I reboot my PC and log in, CCleaner would automatically delete all the files in the TEMP folder even those files that I've just downloaded into the TEMP folder. With the 48 hour rule, it would delete these files automatically after 48 hours of inactivity/non-use (if it worked properly for all files).
  4. Are you manually cleaning them using the program or do you have CCleaner set to automatically to run at startup and clean up your TEMP folder after 48 hours? I haven't tried to manually run CCleaner and see if it will delete the EXE files from my TEMP directory. The problem now is that I don't have anything in my TEMP folder and I would have to wait 48 hours before I would know whether it works properly or not.
  5. These files are not in use since these are files that I've temporarily (manually) placed into the TEMP folder. These files include .TXT, .XLS, .DOC, .EXE., .JPG, etc. I've noticed that even after 48 hours where I haven't accessed these files (and when I log into my system), the .EXE files are not automatically deleted from my TEMP folder. I think that the same thing happens with my .JPG files. I think that these files aren't automatically deleted after 48 hours either. The .TXT, .XLS, .DOC, as well as some other files are automatically deleted when I log onto my systems using the settings that I specified above (run at startup and automatically delete files in TEMP folder after 48 hours). The reason I'm not 100% sure whether it just doesn't delete other files (besides .EXE) is because I wind up manually deleting these files myself when I notice that they aren't automatically deleted from my TEMP folder. The only files that I might leave in there a bit longer are the .EXE files to see whether they eventually get deleted automatically but they don't appear to get deleted automatically so I wind up deleting them myself manually. As I've also mentioned, I've noticed this problem with previous versions of CCleaner but didn't report it until recently since I didn't become a member of this forum until a few days ago. TWISTEDMETAL also noticed this issue so I'm not the only person. It also happens on 2 of my PCs (one running Windows 2000 and the other running Windows XP Pro) so it is not a PC issue.
  6. Yes, I can manually delete them. However, I am not performing a scan. These files are not protected in anyway. I should actually clarify my problem. I have CCleaner run automatically whenever I log into my PC and perform a "clean-up" using the "Options", "Settings", and selecting "Run CCleaner when the computer starts". I am not performing a scan. This automatic clean-up involves it emptying my Recycle Bin, deleting cookies, deleting files in TEMP folder, etc. It seems to do everything automatically when I log into my PC except delete certain files in my TEMP folder (I noticed this with .EXE files and maybe .JPG files so far). The files that I am referring to are in the account that I am using to log onto. I am logging in as "PHC" and the TEMP folder is C:\Documents and Settings\PHC\Local Settings\Temp. The account "PHC" is a local account with Administrator priviledge.
  7. I've been using CCleaner for awhile and I've always noticed this bug/problem but just registered onto the forum today so I'm reporting it now. The version of CCleaner that I'm currently using is: 1.37.456 (but as I mentioned, I've noticed this issue with the older versions that I've used as well). On my 2 computers (one running Windows 2000 SP4 and the other running Windows XP SP2), not all the Windows TEMP Folder Files are deleted after 48 hours even though this is the option that I selected in "Options", "Advanced". I noticed that executable files (specifically .EXE) are not deleted as well as some other files (maybe .JPG files also) even though these files are older than 48 hours and have not been accessed in over 48 hours. All my other files in the Windows TEMP folder are deleted (after 48 hours as they should be) such as .TXT, etc. Jim
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