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  1. I do not have time to test it but figure out where your settings are save and if they are saved in the users profile go in and add the custome settings to the defaul user profile of each computer. You may also be able to create an install scrip for this.
  2. I am currently looking to use CCleaner on a pc that has a large number of user profiles. These profiles have to be manually cleaned up from time to time to fix diskspace issues. I am might map every profile staticly one at a time. This will take a lot of administration to maintain this list of profiles and seperate files to clean up in each profile. Does anyone know a way to map every user profile at once. I have tried useing * and %username% but * does not work and %username% still only works with the current profile. Please come up with a way to either edit the *.ini file or add it to the gui of CCleaner. If you do send me an email. Thank you.
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