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  1. in vista i found with ie 7 i had to turn of the user account Control (UAC) to get rid of the history
  2. if vista it has to do with user Account control
  3. just update to new roboform and tryed what you said and all works now so a big thanks for that THANKS
  4. just try that still delete mine sorry to say but thanks for the help
  5. at the min there is no roboform for vista but roboform all works in vista and yes worked ok in xp extension is rfp Thanks for trying to help
  6. iam having the same problem and if you move the folder does the same thing
  7. Hi Just like to say this is the best free porogram around But since installing vista it keeps deleting the passwords in RoboForm i have tryed moving the folder were there are keeped with no luck I did read that i was not the only one with this so can anyone help with this THANKS
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