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  1. That was actually one of the first things I tried- no luck.
  2. Thanks for the quick response, Krit. Q: What kind of router is it? A: It's a D-Link DI-514 wireless router. Q: What have you done to fix it? A: I haven't done anything to router specifically. Not yet, at least. Aside from the System Restore and the Last Known Config. attempt (neither of which worked)- nothing to the router. But all of the lights on the router are on, and flashing as they should be (as verified by the owner's manual and my ISP's tech. support). Q: Is Windows used to configure the wireless connection, or software? A: Windows, I believe. I called D-Link the other day (who recommended reformatting XP) and they told me that the router doesn't use any particular software. It's plug, configure, play. As I mentioned before (and hopefully my post wasn't too confusing), modem's working, and so is the router- the two just don't seem to be "talking" anymore. :/ As for the Start>Run process, I did exactly what you said on my father's desktop PC (remember- this is the one that doesn't work anymore) with everything set up the way it should be. Here's what it says: But! When all I do is unplug the Ethernet cable from the router and into my personal laptop directly (remember- my dad has a deskptp PC, and I have an Acer notebook), I get this on my dad's PC: Any ideas?
  3. Hi everyone. I ran CCleaner on my father's PC just last night. He uses Windows XP SP2. It was a pretty big clean- it ended up removing around 5000MB of junk. However, after I ran CCleaner the PC's wireless stopped working. And now, in the little wireless/LAN icon in the quicklaunch bar there's a yellow, triangular sign that says: "Status: Limited or No Connectivity". I called my ISP's tech. support and we determined that the modem works fine. We just connected the Ethernet cable my (working) laptop and created a new connection, which worked. But, the wireless router was still disabled, which means everybody in the house is without Internet. We concluded that the connection between the router and the modem has been broken. I'm positive that this occurred immediately after a CCleaner session. I've done a System Restore and XP's "Last Known Good Configuration"- neither have worked. Not surprising since System Restore restores the configuration- not data changes (which is why I'm sure that CCleaner deleted something important). I've been a user of CCleaner on my personal laptop for quite some time, but I'm not sure why it ended up ruined my father's wireless connection. I'm not trying to thrash CCleaner here- again, I'm a long-time user, and a big fan of it. But I really think this should be addressed, and I'd appreciate any help I could get on the issue.
  4. I realize that such a feature's being planned, however, are they any programs out there that CAN delete the hidden files that Recuva comes across? The ones on my hard drive are eating up A LOT of space.
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