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  1. Hello, I get at least one of not two or three emails a week asking me to renew my CCleaner subscription that expired a year ago. The emails have links and boxes ask me to click on a link of box renew your subscription But none of the links of boxes work, they take you to a CCleaner page that says; Page invalid Access to this page is only valid for a certain time period. This link is either not yet or no longer valid. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support. Why so many emails asking me to renew (even tho I opted out) and why emails that the links don't actually work! Can someone advise on how to stop this instant pestering to renew a subscription. My main reason for not renewing is that I can't just buy a year's subscription, it is a rolling subscription that you have to cancel when you no longer want it. I only wish to buy use of CCleaner for a year at a time, not indefinitely. Help someone....
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