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  1. i had a fan on it last night... it seems to be working ok..i guess i was 100% wrong ^^. I only said i was 100% sure it was not heat b/c it has always been that hot and i have never had a problem. But with a fan on it last night it was stable for hours while running any application. Perhaps i should reapply the thermal paste if that helps? Im not really sure hehe. Ty for the help ill post back if i do find out its not heat related. Take care all. thanks again.
  2. my comp usually runs that hot and i have no shutdown protection on it ^^. I bought a new PSU bc my old one literally fried ^^. I have been playing around a bit and i know its not my ram or my video card. I got other good ones i have swapped in and the problem still occurs. I suspect my psu is a pos =(
  3. Maybe this will help =0. http://www.geocities.com/morland2j/DSC04310.JPG
  4. my screen will simply go black and "no signal appears." (now both in games and on desktop) My computer is still on but obviously i cannot do anything and i have to push the button. There are absolutely no blue screens involved and i am 100% sure that it is not heat. Im worried it may be my psu as i recently got a new one and the problem began:(. My specs are as follows. AMD Xp 3200 2.0 Ghz 1Gb Corsair Value Select DDR SDRAM --POWMAX PSDE480 ATX -- http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16817163017 ---- Radeon X800 AIE @ Catalyst 7.8 Sound Blaster Live! All drivers are up to date...except for my radeon ones as the new drivers wont let me launch ANY GAME at all...if i remember correctly they actually made me bluescreen when i booted windows :0 Its very difficult for me to troubleshoot this issue as there is absolutely no insight to the problem and it is so darn random. Some times i can play for hours or even days with no problems..other times i cant play for 5 minutes. Any idears =0. It started up pretty bad just today but it has been good for a month or 2.
  5. Hi, my gf is having issues with her gfx/monitor. It keeps shutting of and then turning back on with horrible gfx buggs. Sometimes the comp locks up completely. Other times when the computer boots up the monitor wont turn on. (one time i had a screen filled with AAAAAAAAAAAAA ) I tried reinstalling video card drivers but i think her video card is just goin bad. Its an old computer. Her video card is a geforce fx5200. I know for a fact she has up to date mobo drivers, up to date video card drivers, and all the cords are plugged in nice and tight. The video card is also locked in nice and tight. You think it could just be going bad? I posted in spyware hell and they said my hjt log was clean so its not spyware/vrius related. What do you guys think?
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