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  1. I think the pressure to make a driver updater program was high because everyone started doing it . I was myself using Driver Easy with a license for two years; then decided to stop because Avira started to propose the same in their Avira Prime Suite. But it does not seem so efficient. Now this is a first release; but I am very cautious because updating drivers can prove disastrous; and I will not update a driver unless it looks necessary and after having well researched from the internet about it.

  2. hello ; I just tried new function for driver update.

    I'm a registered user of ccleaner pro and long time user (few years)

    Sorry the driver update function does not work at the first try. I've got a windows Home up to date.

    I was used to Driver Easy for years then bought Avira (they also made a driver update function)


    But CCleaner driver update does not seem to work with me I've got a code error 33 the first time.

    I tried again now it seems to give some results.

    but I would be very cautious before trying to use it . For example it proposes an update of

    Intel management engine interface dated 28.03.2016 to a version dated 10.01.2019 !!!

    Avira says everything is up to date including this very Interl management interface

    I would suggest you check every driver one by one and if you don't have problem do not update just for the pleasure of updating.

    and better make a backup of your drivers before updating

    drivers are no joke !          I almost lost my PC 3 years ago because of not having a proper update solution (I had none).

    I could not even have the proper graphic resolution and use the PC normally anymore. Even thought of bying a new one !!


    for 2 years Driver Easy purchased version saved my buts. Now I rely more or less on Avira but I'm cautious with newcomers.

    my PC works fine now because I'm cautious but Driver Update is a must if you want to keep a PC working fine; specially if you

    update windows automatically !

    and I noticed every Driver Update Program seems to give different lists of drivers !


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