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  1. 22 minutes ago, Dave CCleaner said:

    ... and when you contacted support, did you get an email back from support saying that your request had been received? Was there a mention of a "Ticket-Id" number at the bottom of the email?

    For the email I sent manually two weeks ago: yes.
    For the email sent by the application: none.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Dave CCleaner said:

    The support team always gives priority to customers with a current active licence - but, as Nergal mentioned, if your request did not come from your registered email address then it may not have gone into the priority queue. 

    After you sent your enquiry to support, you would have received a confirmation email.  There should have been a "Ticket-Id" number down the bottom - if you can let me know the number I can check to see where it is up to.

    But which email address is registered?
    I just paid CCleaner Pro on Android, I never gave an email address, except on the contact form in the application, but not for the subscription.

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