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  1. Not likely. Mostly Winpatrol alerts the user and allows the user to control what is allowed to install (works great against malware), and allows the user to decide what is allowed to run on startup.

    And yes, you are right running x amount of tools does not mean you are not infected, or that the tools may not conflict, unless you have taken the time to identify if the tools will conflict with each other (or not). I've seen malware that attempts to corrupt CCleaner (because of where the malware hides, and how easily CCleaner removes it when you run CCleaner in safe mode), so I do suspect everything when a tool stops working for any reason (part of my day job to be so paranoid). However, in this case, it is unlikely that it is malware.

    I did try your link and rolled CCleaner back to v5.45.6611 and the issue has not occurred for the last five hours, but I'll keep monitoring the issue for a few weeks, just in case. Then I'll update Wireshark, and upgrade one version at a time and see if I can go a few days without it suddenly closing again, and if not, I'll step up on the version for another few days, but at least wireshark should catch (hopefully) what causes the closure.

    And as for not being trained to analyze a system... BS in Comp Net & InfoSec, MS in DFS. I have some...


  2. I'm using CCleaner professional v5.56.7144 (64-bit) on Win7 SP1 (patched fully)

    I've had CCleaner close while doing registry scan for issues, cleaner mid cleaning, and while it was monitoring (minimized to taskbar). I cannot keep it open longer than about 5 minutes or so in /MONITOR, and I cannot find a cause (no malware, checked that from multiple tools, including checking for rootkits).

    It just closes, but I'm not able to identify a cause. There is no scheduled task to cause issue, it is not conflicting with any other active task (at least previous versions of CCleaner did not have issues over the last year).

    What information can I provide to assist with an analysis.

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