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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. I tried the portable install and could not get it to work. Even though I'm using the free version it is still beyond me that a highly recommended program like CCleaner would have an installation issue for this long. What do other people do, just quite using it? You would think if you could ever get the developers attention they would be VERY concerned and fix the darn thing. I guess until then I'll just use Glary and/or some of the others that seem to care. If you know how would you please send this to the developers who seem to be very well insulated from the public namely USERS. If you happen to hear it is fixed please let me know. Thank you again, Johnny

  2. is this fixed yet. please read the string. none of it works? I have spent a long time trhing to get ccleaner free version to install and it just will not do it. yes, i have all the firewalls, virus blockers off. does anyone know how to installl this or can you pass on to developers to FIX it?????????????? thank you

  3. thank you very much, but i will just wait until all is repaired. i find it interesting that ccleaner is such a highly rated product but the developers cannot fix these issues? please understand i am not a developer or programmer so it may be a lot more difficult than i understand. thank you again

  4. I have used ccleaner for years and like it. it is always highly recommended, but until it is fixed i will use others (e.g.- Glary, Wise, Slim). Please let me know when all this is fixed. I have tried all suggested solutions and NONE work. Andavari thank you very much for all the suggestions.

    nergal- from your side board comments and your condescending attitude i suggest you give up being a volunteer meddler. I asked sincere questions and for help, so in the future either leave or be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Sorry for SEMI-STATED issues. I'm doing the best I can! the two issues are as follows-

    • after using ccleaner, when i close it then go to task manager there are still ccleaner processes running?
    • when i try to load the latest version it will not completely install, as shown in my screen print? because of this i can never try the recommendations?

    Hopefully, this explains the issues clearer. thank you

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