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    My firewall does not prevent CCleaner.  McAfee anti-virus handles the same thing.  Plus, this Software Updater feature is supposed to be in the pro version, not in the free version.

    How can this be disabled in CCleaner?  Because CCleaner is a free, home version, I'd rather use the McAfee Software Updater.  If I need to sue a company for any issues, a paid software has an obligation.  A free software is installed at the users own risk.

    I'd like a solution to disable the Software Updater in CCleaner.

  2. Error: An error occurred with code: Failed To Make Connection (26)

    After installation, this appears in the Tools area under Software Updater.  An error pop up displays this message.

    I've uninstalled this software, deleted all references to this software, and restarted the computer.  Then installed a fresh copy.

    Same error appears.  

    Is there a resolution to this issue?

    Is there any way to disable the Software Updater as it may conflict with a software updater in another software like an anti-virus package?


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