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  1. After scanning almost all day, Recuva finally finished scanning what I had requested (advanced mode).  Now it says it's 100% complete on that, and now it won't do anything else.  It's frozen!  And my monitor screen images are now about twice the size they should be!  HELP!!!


  2. Thanks!  I just want to get rid of the file once I've got another one copied on another drive.  Just to free up some space on the original drive, and so I won't keep seeing it in the Recuva recovered files.  There are so many files recovered that I get confused as to what I've copied to elsewhere.  (DUH!) 


  3. Greetings.  I've never used file recovery before, and am checking things out.  Will Recuva find and recover all the files (thousands!!) that were lost when Windows 10 surprised me with a forced update while I was away from home?  And can I use Recuva on more than one computer?  (I have two older ones, unused for a long while, one with a fried hard drive, I'm afraid.)  And, of course, I haven't backed up any of my files.  Thanks for your response.

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