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  1. But the text string was actually still there, unless some shadow text of it was in a second location, but I never copy/pasted/deleted that file.
    Recuva's Scan Contents... found the file the text was in, in was the same file Recuva said had overwritten it, I recovered it by using windows FIND.

    So here is a new recommended feature for Recuva: recover crypto currency accounts.
    Scan that harddrive just for known beginning text of encrypted privatekey strings, don't care about if it's still a file.

  2. Not really true, what does "overwritten (0)" mean?

    After a day of trying I used Recuva's Scan Contents... and searched for {"address":
    it said it was inside the 17GB pagefile that the new win10 installation is using, I had set it to that size as 6 graphics cards needs it
    Recovered it (just copy and save really), used windows cmd FIND "cfebf89f6fcea755ebba061b25a0db398a592055" K:pagefile.sys
    As I could not look for strings that have " in them, maybe with escape char? so I could not look for 
    {"address": again.
    and bingo, ready to copy and paste back the whole ciphertext back in to Mist Ethereum wallet.

    The dot in file name is what separates the name and type, so I recreated those for the file, just in case.

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