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  1. hmm..im in 10th grade.oh yeah i forgot,im takin my O level examinations next month,..great now i just reminded myself :rolleyes: .anywho..i think i should be in 10th grade with my birthday on the 9th of august.

  2. hey, i have a wierd question but i gotta ask it.since im not in america, my schooling system dosnt count my level of education as grades as in ...eg;'im in 9th grade now.' so i wanna know:im 16 now.what grade would tat make me be under?

  3. im new to this forum;dunno wheter this kind of topic is acceptable.if its not,sorry,modders do ur thing and close this.if it is acceptable,then wat are the top 3 games u pple like the best and why?! games on any platform can be put in.lemme get the ball rollin,


    1)Rome Rotal War-best game i ever bought. learnt all about modding tru this game.urge any history or ancient war fanatic ro try the game out


    2)metal gear solid 2:sons of liberty-espionage at its finest here.like splinter cell and C.S combined.love it on ps2.great storyline.


    3)winning 11 6-Konami's best work in my opinion.the beautiful game of football shown for all its perks in this 1!

  4. @mike Rochip tnxs..actually i just got it fixed..i dont know how, funny story though.. if u guys got the time here it goes, oh btw this is not spam coz its actually a problem with my com..ok here goes, before i went to school in the morning i left my com on and it was downloading xp service pack 2. after i came back i installed it and restarted my com and..it gets stuck.big time.it gets hung while loading, u know,the xp bar has this 3 dots tat slide across ur screen?it gets stuck so..i had to do another system recovery..WT*?! again?ive already done like 3 recoveries so i was wonderin wat the heck man..couldnt be bothered so i just did another recovery and ..ohh behold!the sweet sound of a windows startup!!um?wat in the world happenend?why did the com hang in the 1st place?

    anyway,Mike tnxs for the help..not only u,all u guys tnxs for the help i really appreciate it!

  5. @ Mike Rochip'on the Device Manager button. Make sure the SoundMax card is listed in the Sound, video and game controllers section. If it is listed but there's a problem you will see a yellow exclamation mark.'

    tats the thing...when i go into device manager,there is no soundmax icon at all!!tats the surprising part.however in the taskbar the icon is there except it has a red cross around it sayin 'no soundmax audio present.you cannot use soundmax control panel'

  6. man..ive tried the site 'the fires in the sky' put up....no effect.um..in my control panel under sound and audio devices, i cant shift the position of the slider as everything is grayed out!?at the top its says 'no audio device'.i hope this evidence helps.in 'services.msc' the windows audio is started and its startup type is automatic so i know tats not the problem.any suggestions?

  7. sure bwarner.my com is a packard bell.i had to do a system recovery coz there was sometin severly wrong with my com.after recovering,i found tat my soundmax audio was not working at all?!i did the systemrecovery repeatedly another 2 times but to no avail.now im on this forum desperatly seeking help coz its been 4 days since ive heards any form of music...its driving me insane!!!!


    bwarner,wats up with ur com?wat model is it?

  8. hey Robbie and all...im new, its my 1st post.im desperate for a result on my com so i registered,my problem is the same as lord of the web's except my only prob is tat no sound is being emited from my com.ive tried everytin and nothing seems to work.im using a packard bell and my sound system is a soundmax audioive trid system recovery 3 times...yes 3 times and notin.can some1 plz help me..any ques about my com's specs plz ask coz im desplerate!!??

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