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  1. IE7 cookie bug


    I've finally trapped the problem: it appears to be related to index.dat deletion. To keep cookie data as in the exception list, don't delete index.dat.... probably in the new IE7 index.dat there must be some pointers to cookies; once you delete index.dat some broken links happen and even if cookies are there it's like they aren't.......until a fix is there,,,,,


    I concur with your findings. Even though "Cookies" is unchecked/disabled in CCleaner, all cookies are deleted in IE7 and that it is most likely related to the "index.dat" file. If you look in "Internet Options", on the "General" tab, under "Browsing History", you will see that IE7 now includes "Cookies", "History", "Saved Passwords", etc. in it's own "Delete Files" utility.


    Whether or not CCleaner will be able to be programmed to circumvent this and only delete selected items rather than the entire gamut in IE7 as it does now will be interesting to see.

  2. Can you attach the .reg file you exported (as a file, not as pasted text)? I want to see what values those chars really were.

    I would like to oblige you but unfortunately I deleted the exported files. The values for the "Default icon" key were legitimate paths to specific icons contained in the respective IconPackager ".icl" files (themes). But the keys themselves were exactly as the screenshot shows. shrug.gif

  3. Is this a screenshot from Registry Crawler? From a first glance, it looks as though it doesn't support Unicode either (shame, considering that the registry is fully Unicode). You'll have to use regedit.exe to find these problems. Since they are corrupted, there is no harm in deleting them, but you won't be able to delete them from programs that don't support Unicode.

    Actually, no..... the screenshot is from RegEditX, which is like "regedit" on steroids. :lol: If you aren't familiar with it, I would highly recommend it to you. It's a free utility. I use the complimentary program "Registry Crawler" (not free but very cheap) to search for items in the Registry as it is simply the best utility I have found for such purposes. It too is on steroids. B)


    Anyway, I went ahead and exported those 8 keys and then deleted them. I then ran CCleaner and they no longer show up. Windows Fax and Picture Viewer was not affected either, which was my main concern.


    Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated. BigThumbUp.gif

  4. Oh. CCleaner doesn't support Unicode. You'll have to go into the registry yourself to delete those (Start > Run > regedit). It's probably a corrupted key. Also, it won't look like a few question marks and a square when you get in there, so look carefully. If you find something funny looking in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, post a screenshot before you remove anything.


    Thanks for replying. And fyi, I'm a System Administrator so fear not that I'll delete something that I shouldn't from the Registry. ;) The problem in CCleaner is that using the "Open in Regedit" item on the context menu takes you nowhere. In other words, it appears that these 8 items do not actually exist in the Registry. I did a scan of the Registry using one of my favorite utilities, Registry Crawler, looking for anomalies and the only thing I could find was these 8 items (see screenshot), but they aren't "file extensions" but "default icons", all but 2 belong to IconPackager icons and the remaining two point to the "shimgvw.dll" in WINDOWS, which is used mainly by Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Other than that, everything looked fine.




  5. For the past 3 versions (currently running 1.30.310) the results after running the "Issues" section, a group of strange "Unused File Extension" entries show up in the result. I can run the scan several times immediately after each other and the same items appear after "fixing" them. They don't appear to be in the Registry so I have to conclude this is a "bug", albeit one that might be isolated on my particular system. (XP SP-2).


    My machine is squeaky clean otherwise. I've attached a screenshot of the Issues scan results of those items below.




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