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  1. Hey everyone - I had to pop my head in here. 

    I've never met anyone to who's needed an AV on an Android phone - I've been on Android since the T-Mobile G1, and I'm currently running a Nexus 5x. Unless you're doing all of your browsing in Chrome and installing applications from outside the Play Store, you really don't need it - it's just taking up your resources. I bet if I were to post a poll over on reddit.com/r/android to get a general consensus, most users would post they were using an AdBlocker like AdAway, but not a full AV. 

    Just my 2 cents. 

  2. I find this generation of consoles to be in an odd spot. When they came out, most mid-range PC's were at the same level, and due to them having a more standardized x86 chipset like PC's, it seemed like there would not be as many "tricks" to getting the most out of the consoles' hardware, like the PS3's Cell processor of the IBM Xenon tri-core of the X360. I would understand why they would do it, but at the same time I think they're negating the fact that consoles are a "set it and forget it" kind of implementation. They risk burning the consumers' good faith as well.


    Personally, I am a PC gamer primarily, and only own a Wii U. I just bought a Corsair 750 D in anticipation of a new build this year; I'm still rocking an i7 920 based system, (I can go into upgrades I've done over since I bought it) but was holding out for the Pascal NVIDIA and Polaris AMD cards before buying. 


  3. Great to hear from you guys - I've definitely learned a lot in the year I've been here and from what I've picked up as well. I've been running all 4 programs as well, and Agomo looks really interesting.

  4. Hey everyone - long time no talk to. I'm still around and kicking - just been super busy. I finished college spring of 2012 and have been working just over a year doing tech support for a company. How is everyone?

  5. Having used the beta, I like the tweaks on the desktop side, but I don't want the Metro start screen interface on a desktop or a normal laptop. The tweaks like the revised task manager and copy interface are really neat.

  6. Manual way: http://www.geek.com/...ows-8-20110914/


    now only if windows would add an option to disable it :unsure:


    That worked in the Developer Preview. The registry key doesn't exist in the Consumer Preview.


    I've been running it on my laptop on a spare harddrive. I like certain things, such as the new Task Manager, the new file transfer interface, and even don't mind the Ribbon in Windows Explorer. However, with a mouse and keyboard, the metro stuff doesn't come naturally. A touch based laptop or tablet will work awesome from what I've seen, but it's going to take the hardware to make it awesome.



    Sorry I've been gone for so long - school/life has been hectic.

  7. I have a really weird issue in Google Docs. On a collaborative assignment, my page looks different from my teammates. What I mean is that if my document is 1.5 pages, they see it as just over 1. I have tried this in Chrome and Firefox, made sure my zoom level on the browser side is set to default, and cleaned out my cookies for all of Google. Any ideas what is going on?



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