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  1. I have a dell dimension 8100 running XP home edition. I recently used ccleaner to "clean" out my registry and delete duplicate files. The next time I logged in, I clicked on my user account and I would see my desk top for a second then it would automatically log me out.


    Next, I tried to boot off my disk drive using the original XP disk but it doesn't do anything. I tried changing and playing with the order of booting in the setup mode and that doesn't work. I tried going to safe mode and I can't get the command prompt to come up; it just goes to the window login screen. I also tried " return to previous state that worked" and nothing happened.


    Also, when I boot it says that the Primary disk drive 1 does not exist. When I go to the setup screen, it appears that Primary disk 0 is my hard drive (because I have this option set to auto and it acknowledges it) So I tried changing the settings for Primary disk 1 to auto, user 1 and some of the different sizes.


    Please help!!! I have pictures of my kids on the hard drive and my wife will slap the snot out of me if I lose them! Thanks

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