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  1. the new google babe only left me one question, why the hell are they making another browser while the browser room is so crowded? are the web guys so eager to test web pages in yet another one? or we found the current big 3 are not cool enough? honestly tell, i'd more like to see a google OS rather than A BROWSER! POINTLESS!!


    p.s. forgot to mention safari windows version, are they gonna play a browser party??

  2. Some people have a problem with proxy servers (like me) If avira won't update you can look in the reports and right click on one that says unsuccessful update and choose ''display report file'' In mine it would always say 'invalid system proxy'


    So going in avira to configurations>tick expert mode>general>update>web server>proxy, I then put a tick in 'do not use a proxy server'


    This worked for me and for other who have the 'invalid system proxy' error.


    I've tried the proxy settings, didn't work out, last night i was getting that ridiculously low update speed at 1k/s, considering it's a 4 mb update i gave up, today the updater doesn't even pass the connection stage, i was a antivir user long time ago, it left me some bad memories about updating, but not this bad, sadly.

  3. hi if it's a repeated thread, i'm sorry i search through the forum with some keywords but found nothing, so i chose to start a new one.


    i just tried the antivir 8, everything seems fine except updating becomes very annoying, it's most impossible to finish, i heard their update server for free version is somewhat bandwidth restricted, is that true, how can you guys using free version survived from this, if the update server really sucks in this way, i think i'm done with this av :(

  4. thanks for the reviews folks, after read them, i dont find any solid feature update over the previous one, guess i'll stick with avast a little longer


    oh yeah i might also try that nag less trick for antivir, i was a av user even before old avg:D

  5. Not even worth downloading since they're ad supported, someone is bound to try them then post a HijackThis log. :rolleyes: Just my 2 cents.


    gee, that's not very nice, considering they're offical release, why is UBI doing this:(

  6. yes they're full version and completely free with ad on(adware?), haven't tried them out yet




    Prince of Persia: Sands of Time



    Rayman Raving Rabbids



    enjoy and report if there's anything wrong


    for old schooler, there's one more:)


  7. I disagree. At the very least, they tell you what's been installed in the registry and most importantly, if something has been added to your all important system or system32 subdirectories in the Windows folder. I check every installation log after running Zsoft.

    The one feature I would like to see added is a version/date compare of the OS file dll/exe files. If a program install replaces an OS file with one of the same name, but an older (or newer version), the uninstaller monitor won't recognize it (at least I don't think Zsoft will because the filename is the same).


    Are you sure that Zsoft doesn't uninstall the menu entry key from the registry?


    I'm not quite sure if I've done the right sequence with zsoft, this is what I normally do, give it a before install analyze->run the installer->then run a after install analyze, I've tested the uninstall function on several installed programs within zsoft uninstaller, I noticed that it did leave the old start menu entry back which I'm a bit confused about, cuz according to the process, it should've detected that registry entry, right? but I need to run an extra cleaning with CCleaner to wipe'em off completely, that's why I'm not happy with those uninstallers.

  8. after tried several ones( revo zsoft and one from give away) I reckon there's no such things as perfect uninstaller (pretty much like those registry cleaners)

    both of them are not reliable according to their working processes, to put it simple, they can't even delete old menu entry key properly which CCleaner can, and it most likely those uninstallers might screw up some time, so why bother, what do you think?

  9. I dont care which type the software is, I only care what the quality the software brings, like CCleaner, you dont need to pay a dime for it, but it's quite good, isn't? just ask yourself does that piece of ware make you happy, then you will get the answer, good luck:)

  10. how about xp default defrager, I dont defrag my disk frequently (mostly by year), is the speed of these recommended defragers much faster than this old fella?

  11. sorry, if it's a repeated thread, can't use the search function anyway.


    I want a free web space, I previously used cjb and atspace, found some restrictions made me unhappy, what will please me is a free space with less restrictions on for example image size, ad etc. google gives some sites which look a bit cheeky, any suggestion?

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