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  1. The following would be really helpful for me , and I imagine others too , if possible :

    1. For the graphics board , to  show what connectors are available .  HDMI , DVI , etc.

    2. For the USB , how many ports and what type . 3.0 , 2.0 , etc.

    If this is already possible , please tell me how to get it .

    Thanks .

  2. Sauerkraut22 - thanks for the info on how to uninstall Media Player - sehr gut !

    With this , it may be worth a try , to "reinstall" it back , as some of these things sometimes don't exactly work as they should .

    When Ccleaner is not running - try to delete or rename your Windows.log file - it let's you or not ?

    Have you switched AV's ( anti virus ) packages at all ? Ever ?

  3. Sauerkraut22 - OK .

    Windows.log = 0 KB should be no problem . It may be , that another program is already accessing this file , and CCleaner is waiting for it . Easiest way to check that , would be to boot in Safe Mode , and try CCleaner from there . If it works , then will need to see which program it is .

    I see from Hardware.pdf , that you have divided your HD into many logical disks . Are you separating multiple users here ? Did you , by any chance , assign some system stuff to one of the logicals ?

    Have you switched AV's ( anti virus ) packages at all ?

    How did you uninstall Windows Media Player ? As far as I know , you can't .

  4. Thanks people - I did change to normal file deletion , and it went real fast . The comments in Settings do say that Secure will be slower . But I never imagined , it would have that much of an effect . I would like to think that the routine doing the Secure deletion could be improved upon to make it much faster - no ?

    Failed to admit - court is in session ?

  5. post-27320-0-80571500-1343822597_thumb.jpg


    Thanks guys - see the attached screen captures - the file names in the cache take a couple of seconds each - is that normal , or should it be running thru that list ?

    Andavari -didn't see anything special in Task Manager

    Super Fast - is latest Chrome , as you can see in capture . Fork based on Chrome - I'm not familiar with this .



  6. Thanks redhawk and mr don . I tried to be clear , but doesn't look as though I was too succesfull on that .

    I meant - to do a regular defrag - except , instead of each file ending up as one segment , they could end up as multiple segments , depending on what you wanted . e.g. a 30 GB movie could have been 100 segments before defrag , but 5 segments after ( not one ) .

    Does that come out any clearer ?

  7. I would like an option ( possibly in Options-Quick Defrag-Custom Rules ) to be able to actually leave some defragmentation for files .

    e.g. files between 5 and 10 GB will be defragmented down to 5 fragments etc .

    My reasoning being , that I think most users are probably only accessing , say 20% , of a data disk . If it's totally defragmented , so the disk heads will also only be accessing that same 20% most of the time . However , if it's still minimally defragmented , so even if only accessing 20% , chances are that the disk heads will probably be moving back and forth over most of the disk area . In my opinion , this is much more healthy for the disk life etc .

    Thanks .

  8. Andavari and Hazelnut , I have been in touch with HyperHealth and sent them a copy of the entries I deselected from the Registry Scan results . They came back to me that only one of these 4 is connected to them , and it is a Securewrap entry . I did check and only deslect this one and the HyperHealth still works . I would imagine that any other program that used Securewrap would have a similar problem as I did . Might it be an idea to have an option somewhere to exclude Securewrap entries ? It takes the form in my case , of swep xx HKCR\swep xx , where xx are 2 numbers .

    Thanks for your help .

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