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  1. Still no option in 5.04... Still buggy, still awful, unfortunately :wacko:

    We're wasting our time on these forums, I think. <_< Since november we're waiting for an option to roll back to the "old" (but nice) GUI !



    Oh noooooo. Malwarebytes has jumped on the GUI lemming bandwagon too.

    Gone are the nice "3D shaded" buttons.

    Flat is taking over the world.


    Agree... Can't accept this. They don't respect the wishes from the users / buyers.

  2. Totally agree with most of the comments : flat design is nice BUT the title bar is awful. Sorry for the criticism but that's the way it is. Of course, we don't forget that CCleaner is one of the best cleaning programs, and we thank you a lot for that :) But please, please, listen to the users ! Criticisms are done to improve CCleaner more and more ! Long Live Piriform !

  3. Alan I know that the devs are aware of this thread containing opinions about the new GUI.


    (yes they do read the suggestions thread!!)

    We appreciate that, thanks Piriform ;)


    - The click on the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons already registers when you hold the mouse button down, making it minimize/maximize/close before you even let go of the mouse button. This is a huge design flaw, in my opinion. It should register on mouse button release!

    Didn't noticied it. But you're right : this doesn't respect natural behaviour of the system, and as it appears to be a tiny detail, it's disturbing.

  4. The theme is nice !


    BUT the white title bar (Windows 7 & 8) is just ugly... And the right margin for close button is just horrible. I now have to aim with cursor to close CCleaner... (don't laugh, I don't like wasting time with these details, ergonomics is vital for me when using a computer)


    Please Piriform give us the old title bar (not the old skin) ! :)

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