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  1. Defraggler gets better with every new release, and it has become my favorite defragmenting program.


    There is one thing about it that I have always disliked, and continue to dislike: When the drive status is on the screen and the defragmenter is running, the names of the files being defragged are displayed across the bottom of the screen. That's an invasion of privacy. I don't want casual passers-by to see the names of my files. There should be an option to turn this off.


    Of course, if the "file list" tab is selected, that's a different story. If I click that tab then obviously I do want to see the filenames.

  2. I would like to see a command-line option that would let me sequentially defrag multiple drives.


    Something like this:


    defraggler c: d: /complete


    That would do the equivalent of:


    -- Open defraggler

    -- select drive c

    -- click the defrag button

    -- When defrag of c is finished, do same for drive d

  3. Defraggler includes the A: drive on the list of drives available. It should not do that. The A drive is for 1.4-meg floppies.


    By contrast, Auslogics Disk Defrag offers a configuration option to show removable drives or not. Even with the option on it does not list the A drive.

  4. When I tried to download Defraggler using Firefox, I got the file--but it carried the filename "downloadbin" instead of the name it should have had. I renamed it with an EXE extension and it installed properly.

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