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  1. I downloaded today the very latest version and the problem remains. The folders can't move.

    No defrag product can defrag folders while in Windows. Some can while rebooting.

    But I don't know a free product that can do that. Maybe Jkdefrag (now MyDefrag ), haven't tried that one.


    But overall I agree that Piriform's support for FAT32 is lacking (Recuva is even worse), and that's especially awkward if you want to use Defraggler or Recuva with flash drives.

  2. I have often experienced the following symptoms with Recuva:


    - I accidentally delete a file (or close Firefox without saving tabs, and then want to recover sessionstore.js)

    - I immediately fire up Recuva

    - There are no programs open that are writing to disk (apart from Windows of course)

    - The file is not recoverable anymore, and it says it is overwritten by another file, a file that is already (unchanged) on my disk for a long time (for example part of a program that I installed a long time ago), so this file can't have overwritten the file a try to recover.


    How can this be?


    My system:

    Windows XP sp3, FAT32


    Is Recuva working better with NTFS then with FAT32?

  3. FYI: Slim and portable versions will be out on Monday.

    That's ok, I already extracted the executable. No need to install spyware from a company that supports a dictatorial regime in China.


    Any reason though why the alternate builds were not included immediately?

    Does it take more time to include Yahoo spyware then to make an installer with CCleaner only?


    Regards (I love your app, btw)

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