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  1. ok..here's one's need to do everytime s/he cleaning up registry using CCleaner..



    1. click on 'scan for issues'

    2. check entries to clean in the result list (usually all of them)

    3. click on 'fix selected issues'

    4. detail box thingy with explainations shows up..

    5. click on 'fix all selected issues'

    6. another mesage box box shows up asking for confirmation to delete those selected reg

    7. click OK

    8. click 'close'


    riggggght!..point #4-8 are useless and there should've been an option to suppress that detail box so that when i click on 'fix selected issues' in #3, it cleans up the selected reg in the result list right away like files the cleaner function in cclear..or even better remove that detail box..!



    let me hear what you think.



    p.s: i just notice a typo on the topic title..correction: registry cleaner in CCleaner

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