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    Thanks again Tony. 1) Although "y" (nor Y,N,n,A,or a) didn't work for me, the biggest mystery was all the other keys on my keyboard being "dead" when I tried to type anything else.!!

    2) A very interesting link and I would still advocate an anti-index.dat attitude.


    All The Best, Haba.



    PS. Don't know what happened to the quote.!! 1) Should read " As for your questions, "y" should really work, just like it does in the batch command: "DELTREE /y" Not sure what happened there". 2) Should read "And here's some reading on index.dat files: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index.dat"

  2. Here you go; in fact, in the Autoexec.bat, delete the "Deltree /Y C:\Windows\Tempor~1" line I frst gave you, and replace it by adding the folllwing three lines under the 'smartdrv' line:

    It's just a tad more 'elegant', and achieves the same thing.


    Now the contents of your History, TIF, AND Cookies folders will be deleted on boot, and a spanking new index.dat file will be created in each.



    Great,Super,Ultra and other superlatives,Tony. !! All index.dat entries now gone at boot.

    My old Spider has done a good job for years but is now redundant, although I may give him a run

    once in a while for old times sake. !! Can I finally bother you with two more questions,please. 1) I've spent so much time trying to find how to answer the command prompt response "overwrite c:\windows\tempo (Yes/No/All)?" when the only things my keyboard would allow me to type were upper and lower case Y/y N/n and A/a.!! I tried them all and always got the response "Bad command or file name" and would still like to know how to get past it. ? 2) Do you know of any purpose Index.dat files serve, other than the intrusion of privacy which I have always considered them to be ? Many Thanks and Kind Regards, Haba. :D

  3. All you need to do the job in Windows 98 are these two lines, preferably in your autoexec.bat, and the TIF folder wil be deleted in its entirety on boot, including the index.dat file. without the need of any further user action.



    Deltree /Y C:\Windows\Tempor~1

    On reboot there will be a brand new Temporary Internet Files folder containing a gleaming new index.dat file...




    Hi,Tony. As I am also a "keep it simple" guy, I decided to go for your solution initially and I happily confirm that it was successful and the Content IE5 element of my Index.dat entries now disappear on boot-up. According to my old SPIDER index.dat cleaner I also have index.dat files at :------C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\index.dat -----


    C:\WINDOWS\History\History.IE5\MSHist012006052720060528\index.dat------ and the scan duly records entries under those each of those headings. I can locate the Cookies ID file but I've never been able to locate the two History.IE5 ID files. !! Can you advise me what lines I should put into my autoexec.bat to zap these other index.dat files at boot-up,please. ? Can you also tell me if the "Overwrite" exercise I've been attempting would be any more effective than this autoexec method, as I was told that it would actually "kill-off" the ID entries at birth so there would never be any on your PC, even between boots. ?

    Kind Regards, Haba. :)

  4. I'm really overwhelmed by all the responses to my post #17. !! It is going to take me a while to absorb and consider all the varied advice given,some of which at first reading seems to be over my head, but I'll do my best.!! In the meantime, I want to express my thanks to DjLizard,Andavari,Tony Klein and noob 1 for your interest. How can my problem not be solved with all you helpful folk on my case.? !!


    Regards, Haba. :)

  5. Hi,noob. I expect you've been busy but I would really appreciate replies to my posts #15 and #16,please, as I'm still stuck with the problem of how to answer the "Overwrite c:\windows\tempo (Yes/No/All)?" question.


    Regards, Haba

  6. Noob. This is to supplement my yesterday's posting (#15). I have been told that the way to answer the "overwrite c:\---etc" question is to type (in lower case) "y" for yes, "n" for no and "a" for all. I have just tried the "y" for yes and the response was--"Bad command or file name"!! Your directions have got me through the exercise so far and I hope you'll be able to get me over this snag please. Regards, Haba.

  7. Boot to dos


    1. Turn on the computer, and hold Crtl key, before win98 is loading


    A menu should show up, then chose go to command prompt

    2. type echo index > c:\index.dat (nothing seems to happen)


    type dir c:\index.dat ( you will see index.dat )


    3. type copy c:\index.dat c:\windows\tempor~1\content.ie5


    copy c:\index.dat c:\windows\history\history.ie5

    if prompt to overwrite, press Y




    Hi,Noob. I've just returned from a couple of weeks away from my PC and resumed action on this issue. I've gone back to your posting of 27/05, in particular--"if prompt to overwrite, press Y". When I entered 3 above, I got "overwrite c:\windows\tempo (Yes/No/All)?"with the flashing dash after it. Could you kindly clarify what I should do please, as the only "Y" to "press" is the first letter of Yes, which obviously is not what's intended. !! Do I have to repeat the whole exercise for each location of an index.dat file or can they be grouped together in a single command or just listed under 3 as above,please.?

    Kind Regards, Haba. :(


    1. Turn on the computer, and hold Crtl key, before win98 is loading


    A menu should show up, then chose go to command prompt

    2.a. type echo index > c:\index.dat (nothing seems to happen)


    b. type dir c:\index.dat ( you will see index.dat )


    3. type copy c:\index.dat c:\windows\tempor~1\content.ie5


    copy c:\index.dat c:\windows\history\history.ie5

    if prompt to overwrite, press Y




    Thanks for the further info: Noob. I've spent most of my PC time over the last couple of days trying to implement your directions without success and I'll try to give you as clear a picture as possible of my activities (having made a series of attempts), in the hope you will be able to see where I've been going wrong.


    1) No apparent problems. Chose Command Prompt. Clicked Enter and c:\>Set tvdumpflags=8 appeared, with three c:\>s below it, the bottom one showing a flashing dash.

    2).a. Typed in exactly as you said (double-checked!) .Clicked Enter and got "Bad Command or File Name".

    b. Ditto and got either "File Creation Error"or "Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is 2247-17FE. Directory of C:\. File Not Found." Didn't attempt to continue in circumstances.


    I hope you won't lose patience with all my come-backs, as I'm really keen to have the benefits of the exercise. Where do we go from here,please.? Regards, Haba.

  9. Boot to dos

    2 dummy index.dat


    a. type " echo index > c:\index.dat"


    b. type 'edit', which bring up the dos text editor, type some text and save as index.dat to c: drive

    3 type "copy c:\index.dat c:\windows\tempor~1\content.ie5 /y"

    "copy c:\index.dat c:\windows\history\history.ie5 /y"




    I've never been into DOS before and know nothing about it, so I'm probably doing it all wrong.!! I brought-up the MS DOS Prompt screen by typing "command" into Start>Run, which showed "Bad command or file name" and "c:\windows\desktop>". I had no control over the text (location,deletion etc) but typed in (after "---\desktop.)"echo index>c:\index.dat",after which nothing at all happened. Could you put me right,please.? !! Could you also explain where I type the two 3) commands or perhaps it will be obvious once I get past 2a).?


    Regards, Haba. :(

  10. 1) First find out where the index.dat locations


    2) To prevent window create the new oness

    make dummy index.dat


    3) overwrite those index.dat

    in win98se, use index.dat suite to find index.dat


    4) generate the batch file


    5) edit the batch file instead of delete to copy the dummy index.dat over the othe ome



    Thanks Noob. 1) I know the index.dat locations. 2)/3) Could you tell me how to generate the dummy file and overwrite the "real" files,please. ? It's something I've not done before -- I guess I'm rather low-tech,so I also have to ask 4)/5) How do I generate and edit the batch file to overwrite,please.? I assume this will have the result mentioned at the end of your previous posting ie."internet explorer won't write to index.dat ever again", which would be great.!!! Regards, Haba. :)






    This thread Does ccleaner work with win98? may be relevant.



    Hi,Glenn. CCleaner has always worked OK on my Win98SE until I had the recent problems.


    Cheers, Haba.

  11. go here to get unlocker.exe http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/


    install unlocker.exe [\quote]



    Thanks noob, but the program you suggest (which sounds great) is not suitable for my Win98SE. Do you know of a similar one which would be OK for my OS,please.?


    Regards, Haba.


    Use IE for a bit,close it down,check the contents of index.dat.


    Run CC,reboot and recheck index.dat.Any change?


    Index.dat usually can't be deleted when windows is running.


    There are always some headers in the file as default hence the 32 kb size.




    Thanks for the suggestions Humpty but no change. I expect to see the headers but nothing is being deleted. I have also discovered that my Cookies are not being deleted,despite the setting.!!


    Regards, Haba.

  12. The old index.dat files are deleted but are recreated anew by windows as needed.


    There are a few files and folders that are recreated anew besides index.dat if deleted.



    Thanks Humpty. I'm aware of what you say,but the contents of my Index.dat files are exactly the same immediately after the CC run as they were before it.!!


    Cheers, Haba. :(

  13. Hi. I have just discovered that (despite the appropriate setting) CC is not deleting my Index.dat files, which are still there when I reboot after running a scan. Running a series of scans doesn't make any difference. What is the remedy,please.?


    Cheers, Haba. :(

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