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SATA SMART problem


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I bought another S-ATA drive, i already got one. Problem is, that programs that can publish S.M.A.R.T. data, show same info for both drives. Even model- and serial number are the same for both drives. Only 'seek error rate' and C3 (unknown attribute) are individual on both drives.


I enabled S.M.A.R.T. in BIOS, but that didn't helped.


Both drives are Seagate Barracuda S-SATA. First drive is ST3200827AS and this new one is ST3250624AS.


Can anybody tell what is wrong?


EDIT: Found this from VIA forum:


You will only be able to SEE the Smart Status of the SATA connected to the Channel 0 on the VIA Controller if you use a windows based utility such as Everest Ultimate. Even if you use the SeaTools Diagnostic running on a floppy disk during boot you will only SEE (1) of the SATA's Smart Status.


This does not mean that your 2nd SATA connected to Channel 1 is not reporting Smart Status but the data is not being forwarded from the controller most likely because the architecture of the controller is a PCI-ISA Bridge. Visa versa if you switched channels then one channel will report the Smart Status


If you for instance you had 2 SATA's either standalone or in a RAID Array on the Promise-378 Controller both drives Smart Status will be available both in windows as well as by the SeaTools Diagnostic because the architecture of the Promise-376/378 Controllers is straight on the PCI Buss.

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