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New beta release v1.01.057

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Available now.....


- Added "Check for updates..." link

- Added internal handling for multiple languages

- Memory handling improvements

- Minor bug fixes


Thanks as always to all our beta testers



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Heading over now, to get the download :)




:o Crassssshhhh (Freezing again)

82.8% 5529 files found


I had Quick Books running again along with Outlook and 2 firefox windows open.

After closing Quickbooks it still freezes, just like last time.....


It seems to freeze not the program but explorer?

As the Taskbar & Task Manager won't open or run, have to use Alt+Tab to change between processes, the program does't freeze because the cancel button works fine.

Once I cancel, all processes (Task Bar / Task Manager) come back to normal.


scanning other drivesworks fine, i'm thinking there is some incompatability with quickbooks, as both times I've had this problem Quickbooks was running while I Installed and Scanned.




I'll post this in the "bug reporting" forum as well.

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For me, Recuva keep getting better.


It always good to have this type of tool ready in urgent cases. ;)


But I keep my major critic : Recuva still need to improve the way it recovers files : some good quality files are still corrupted when recovered. But keep on! Its stil a great tool and its still [beta]! :lol:

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