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Why isn't crap cleaner cleaning the whole cache for me automatically?


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People told me on the crap cleaner forum that there is a way to get rid of the icons by cleaning the cache. As follows: Control panel \ internet options \ temporary internet files \ delete files. And it worked.


All right, so they told me how to delete my cache. I am happy.

But why isn't crap cleaner doing that for me automatically, I mean all the icons?That's why I use it. For me the cache is crap.


Description of the problem

I use Outlook Express for sending email. The following happens.....


I send an email without an attachment.

I get an email back with an attachment, in the attachment there are little icon images from websites that I have recently visited.

Can someone else receiving that email see those images?


The icon images are in a file called 'Image001.gif'. When opening the file you get to see a few pictures from recently visited places.


I also learned the following.


Let's say I got an email with 'Image001.gif'. I open it and see 5 images. Now I go to the internet for a few minutes and again I open 'Image001.gif' then there are maybe 20 images! Indeed after using crap cleaner the recent images are gone but the old 5 images are still there. So only the very recent icons are deleted by crap cleaner.

So to delete all the icons I still got to do: Control panel \ internet options \ temporary internet files \ delete files.

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