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Nick Nolan

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I've not a clue to be honest about either of them, mind explaining the differences?

I heard KDE is like windows.


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I'm not exactly all that knowledgable about linux but I have tried both.

From what I saw kde had better custom aplications like k3b(disk burner) and amarok(which I think can be ported to gnome.. not sure). Oh and Amarok is a music player, but its actually more like winamp or something.. just less sucky. Some say that gnome is lighter than kde, but to be honest I didn't notice a difference in that department.


My suggestion is to try distros that use each and decide for yourself. If you like ubuntu(gnome) there is also kubuntu which uses kde.

Mepis which I thought was the easiest for me(new to linux) uses kde, but its also the most recently updated and has the best chances of supporting your hardware.



I believe the version of ubuntu that will have beryl built in is due out sometime this month. :)

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