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strange colours on screen

incy wincy

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Can somebody please help,as of yesterday my colours on screen keep changing,

I don't know if you can see it well on the picture but, some of the page is pink and the other is a light green colour.

when I click on start the left hand side is green and the right side is pink,this also happens when I am in i.e 7 although the address bar at the top is all light green.

If I hover over the scroll button at the right of the page,this goes yellow! as do any button that I click on.

What is going on? I have checked settings in opera and i.e and nothing has changed so can anybody explain whats happened.



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Weird :huh: , I would have said something was wrong with your monitor but then we wouldn't see the result in a screenshot.

Or it could have been a browser theme/skin, but it wouldn't be in both Opera and IE7.

Plain Weird. :blink:


Anyone else been using your system, ask them if they installed/changed something.


Wonder if anyone else has some idea whats up?


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  • Re-apply your preferred XP theme, something could have went wacko with the current setting.
  • Update your display card drivers if an update is available. If an update isn't available perhaps an uninstall and reinstall of them "may" work.
  • Your display card "may" be going kaput. Some weird on-screen malformations or discolourations can be seen when one is going out.


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Sorry I haven't answered sooner been very busy, :)

Thankyou for your replies, I know nobody has been on and changed anything on the computer

this was the first thing I checked.

I'll have a look at the display card to see if I can figure out whats going on. thanks again.

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