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The requested URL was not found on this server. There are so many reasons that this might have happened we can scarcely bring ourselves to type them all out. You might have typed the URL incorrectly, for instance. Or (less likely but certainly plausible) we might have coded the URL incorrectly. Or (far less plausible, but theoretically possible, depending on which ill-defined Grand Unifying Theory of physics one subscribes to), some random fluctuation in the space-time continuum might have produced a shatteringly brief but nonetheless real electromagnetic discombobulation which caused this error page to appear. Or (and truth be told, this is by far the most likely scenario) you might have reached a page that we meant to create but didn't get around to it, since this year's April Fool's joke got hacked together at the last minute, more or less the same way this one did. And this one. And this one, and this one, and this one...



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Geez Andy, you got that.I suspect you may be infected.


May I suggest you post a Hijackthis log.


Good to see Google getting into a bit of humour and April 1st fooling around, just like I am!11.gif

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I'll post the HJT log shortly :P


I actually did feel like I had a trojan earlier, my mouse started left clicking things by itself every so often and dragging things Id moused over, it was well annoying as it was highlighting text on websites if I moved up or down and clicking links without my having to left click, I went to a PC shop to get a new one and mentioned it while I was there and the guy said 'Oh Yeah you've got a sticky button' (guess thats a new 'technical' term), I sort of figured that much out myself but my new mouse is being better behaved :)

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That reminds me of a few years ago when I booted Win 98 and my keyboard was all over the place.


After a couple of hours of pulling my hair out my youngest daughter told me her older sister had spilt a glass of coke over the keyboard.


Damn she cleaned it up good with no sign of the spillage.$25 for a new keyboard and all was fixed. :rolleyes:

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