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Won't scan Standard user accounts in Vista

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I searched through the forum and didn't see anything about this, so I figure I must be doing something wrong. I just started using Vista and I have 2 accounts, an administrator-type account and a standard user-type account. When I'm in the standard account and try to run CCleaner it asks for my password (per UAC). After I enter the password and run the cleaner, it only cleans the admin account. How can I get it to clean the standard account? Do I have to manually put the paths and files using Options/Custom? Before it is suggested I'm not ready to ditch UAC... yet.


So far the security features in Vista has made my life more miserable than any virus/spyware/etc... Hopefully it'll get better as I get more familiar with it.

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Yea, CCleaner is forced to run on an admin account when used on Windows Vista. Hence, it only clears up the files in Admin account, and is unable to do the tasks on limited user account. I had the same problem with Spywareblaster too.

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Will not clean IE or applications on limited user accounts in Vista.

This still seems to be the case in version 2.01.507; runs under Administrator or limited user accounts (after obtaining administrator permission) but will not clean limited user accounts.


One more vote for fixing this--the only serious flaw in an otherwise fine piece of work.


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