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important option

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i have seen many people asking for a option to exclude folders ..


just as there is an option for including folders .. (Custom)

there should be an option for excluding folders .. ;)


after you delete some program from the startup ...

it goes ... but after you execute the program again .. it appears in the startup

i know that you have to uncheck the startup in the program itself..

but ...

there should be an option for permanently removing a program from the startup


something like ...

1) right click .. and there should be an option ...

"make sure the selected program doesn't appear in the startup again unless allowed"

or some thing like that .. :blink:


after analyzing ...

there should be info at the bottom about the

1.total space in your computer

2.space available



say somethin atleast ... :mellow::o:(:unsure::blink::rolleyes:

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