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I came across this link from cnnettv.com about speeding up firefox which i found interesting



of course the last two suggestions are a bit obvious concerning clearing downloads and removing slow extensions, but I liked the one he said about going to "about:config" and changing the caching of previous pages via the back button. I was wondering if anybody knew of any other similar tricks that are worth doing to speed up firefox? I've only got 256mb of ram myself, and firefox is usually taking 40-60k mem usage, so would be interested in ideas to speed it up a bit. Still haven't gotten used to K-Meleon !

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I've had a look at and implemented some of the Firefox tweaks from the link below.


One tweak that may help with low ram systems.


config.trim_on_minimize [boolean] (False) *Create - This setting only works in Windows, and determines whether Firefox - much like other Windows applications - reduces its memory usage when minimized to the Taskbar. If set to true (the default), it will use less memory when minimized, which is useful for systems with low RAM and multiple open applications. However if set to false it will speed up minimizing/maximizing Firefox, as it will not constantly attempt to reduce and reclaim RAM, and this can also increase stability - thus I recommend a setting of false for most people.


FF tweaks

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